This page provides basic information related to the features available through a telephone system's (PBX) CTI interface.

Please note: Although we endeavour to maintain the information shown, there may be some instances where it is either incorrect or out of date. This information should not be used as a guide to systems supported by our various CTI solutions.

We hope you find this information useful.

Name Actions
3Com NBX
3CX Phone system
4PSA VoipNow
8x8 PBX
Aastra 400
Aastra 800
Aastra BusinessPhone
Aastra Intelligate/OIP
Aastra MD Series
Aastra MX One
Aastra OpenCom
Agfeo AS
Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise (OXE) Alcatel 4400
Alcatel OmniPCX Office (OXO)
Alcatel OpenTouch Business Edition
Allworx 6x / 48x
Altigen MaxCS
Aspect Unified IP
Asterisk PBX
Auerswald COMmander
Auerswald COMpact
Avaya BCM
Avaya Aura Communication Manager
Avaya CS1000
Avaya Definity
Avaya Index
Avaya IP Office
Avaya Meridian 1 Option
Cisco Broadworks
Cisco M6
BT Quantum
BT Versatility
Centile Istra
Cisco Call Manager Express
Cisco CSTA connection
Cisco UC Manager Business Edition
Cisco UC300
Cisco UC500
Cisco Unified Call Manager
DeTeWe OpenCom
Digium SwitchVox
Epygi QX/Quadro
Estech ESI
Fonality PBX
Genband PBX
Grandstream UCM
IC-Talk MM Series
Innovaphone PBX
Intelbras Impacta
IP Cortex PBX
Iwatsu ADIX
Ericsson LG IPECS eMG80
Ericsson LG IPECS
Ericsson LG ipLDK
Ericsson LG LDK
M5 M5
Matracom MC/L
Mitel 3000
Mitel 3300
Mitel Axxess (InterTel)
Mitel CS5000 (interTel)
Mitel MCD
Mitel MiVoice Business
Mitel MiVoice Enterprise
Mitel MiVoice Office 250
Mitel MiVoice Office 400
Mitel SX Series
NEC Aspire
NEC SL1100
NEC SV8100
NEC SV8300
NEC SV8500
NEC SV9100
NEC Univerge 3C/9000
NEC XN120 (Topaz)
Nfon PBX
Nortel BCM
Nortel Norstar
Panasonic KX-NCP
Panasonic KX-TD
Panasonic KX-TDA
Panasonic KX-TDE
Panasonic KX-NS
Panasonic KX-NSX
RingCentral PBX
Samsung DCS
Samsung OfficeServ
Samsung SCMC
Samsung SCME
Sangoma FreePBX
ShoreTel ShoreGear
Snom One
SpliceCom Maximiser
Starface PBX
Swyx Swyx
Tadiran Aeonix
Tadiran Coral IPX
Teldat Elmeg Hybird
Telrad PBX
Toshiba CIX
Toshiba CTX
Toshiba IP Edge
uaCSTA Handsets Akuvox
uaCSTA Handsets Mitel (Aastra)
uaCSTA Handsets Panasonic
uaCSTA Handsets Snom
uaCSTA Handsets Yealink
Unify 5000
Unify 8000
Unify Hipath 3000
Unify Hipath 4000
Unify HiPath DX / Realitis DX
Unify Open Office (HOOME)
Unify OpenScape Business
Unify OpenScape Office (MX/LX)
Vodia PBX
Voicenet IP PBX
Yeastar MyPBX
Zultys MX
Zycoo Coovox
Octopus F200
Octopus F200 - F400 - F600
Octopus FX
Octopus F900
Clearvox Clearvox
Genband Kandy
Xelion Xelion 6
Firstcom Universe
Yeastar S-Series PBX
Mitel MiCloud Business
Unify OpenScape Voice
Avaya Aura Contact Center
Clearvox NEXXT
Avaya AACC
SpliceCom Select Voice
Avaya IP Office Contact Center
NEC SL2100
uaCSTA Handsets Polycom
Ericsson LG IPECS CM
NEC SV9300
Mitel MiVoice Connect
Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express
Panasonic KX-NSV300
Avaya IP Office Cloud (MTCTI)
Alcatel OmniPCX Office (OXO) Connect
Netsapiens Netsapiens
Telepo Telepo
PortaOne PortaOne
Metaswitch Metaswitch
NEC SV9500
Mitel MX One


Make and model of the telephone system.
WAN Connectivity
The CTI protocol can be reliably routed across a wide area network.
Trunk Monitoring
Trunk side information is available through the CTI interface.
Analog Phones
Call control and events from Analog handsets are available through the CTI interface.
Agent Features
Agent login, logout and status change are supported through the CTI interface.
License Charge
An approximate indication of telephone system CTI license price:
  • Empty: Probably no charge but advisable to check;
  • $: typically less than 500 USD;
  • $$: typically greater than 500 USD.